By Senator Ahmad Babba Kaita

APC is a child of necessity. No gainsaying it’s the baby of a desperate political amalgam necessitated by a noble ambition to save Nigeria from the claws of the gone-berserk monstrous PDP. A combination of factors gave APC a rare opportunity to speedily grow and develop the muscle to overturn PDP power table while sending the entire family into some sort of a political IDP. For APC to avoid similar (or even a more disastrous) fate, it most be introspective and learn from the glaring albeit avoidable mistakes of the PDP.

Top on APC’s “to do” list is the need to act its covenant with Nigerians to the fullest. APC’s accelerated growth was made possible by the absolute trust Nigerians reposed in it. APC promised Nigerians a complete change from the PDP tendencies that disfigured and reduced democracy into a mere theory while unilaterally replacing it with a mutated version of aristocracy or something undefinable and worse. It’s safe to assume then, anything short of making democracy more practical rather than theoretical by APC will end in a more disastrous fate than the unprecedented political revolution that swept away PDP to give APC power.

It’s frightening that this simple analogy is defying few albeit powerful APC juggernauts. Stories abound of sinister underground schemings by some Governors and ministers to prove the idea that APC is deviating from its covenant with Nigerians and getting well on the road to infamy and self-destruct. Nigerians sacked and substituted PDP with the APC on the simple belief they will be allowed the freedom of political choices they were denied by the PDP. For APC to think they could easily be taken back to the dark slavish days of the PDP, to say the least, it’s disappointing and a deviation from rationality!

Unless it’s a divine fate that APC should die a shameful death, then it’s imperative for all members to rise and resist the tendencies of the few powerful greedy elements who are blinded by ambition to appreciate the new sophistication ruling Nigeria’s politics. Nigeria is no longer the banana republic that could be held to ransom using as grotesque methods as those used by the PDP. APC has exposed Nigerians to the finest details of democracy and due process and I’m sure they will have nothing less!

To avoid the looming shame, APC, as a matter of urgency, should put its house in order and revert back to its original settings. As a necessity, APC must ensure the supremacy of its constitution over and above individual ambitions. It’s preposterous, (and of course it’s going to be disastrous) for a party like APC to be seen as despotic and pocketed by few powerful members whose ambition is entirely in conflict with normalcy, due process, rationality and political correctness.

No matter what, we shouldn’t forget that APC achieved power on the general assumption that it will do better improving rather than degrading these virtues. Who would have thought APC would ever have a problem giving Nigeria a solid political party in which all citizens are free to aspire and possibly achieve their ambitions. And yes, who would have thought that APC at some point will degenerate to so low as to contemplate experimenting with the shenanigans at play the moment to determine who gets what come 2023?

Also lost to the authors of the futuristic chaos that may send APC to an early grave is the integrity of President Buhari that they are putting on the line. Majority Nigerians voted for President Buhari because they believed (and rightly so) he’s trustworthy and not one to subvert due process. They voted for him because they knew.



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