Katsina in the pre-colonial era and the better part of post colonial era is known as the land of peace and security. Katsina is both home for Islamic and Western education. Famous Islamic scholars including the prominent Abdulrahman Al-Maghili visited Katsina in search of Islamic knowledge and scholarship.

Katsina is also the pillar of western education. The post-colonial political leaders from the Northern part of Nigeria had their early western education in katsina at the famous Katsina College. Katsina people have excelled in all forms of human endeavor and had contributed greatly in the development of modern Nigeria.

However, with the new democratic dispensation in 1999 there were hopes that a foundation of peace and sustainable development will be laid. Things started relatively well, alas by 2012 things started changing for the worse. New trend of criminality begins to emerge with a whole community being attacked and people killed.

To cut the story short, we at the blueinknews condemned the recent upsurge of crime and criminality across Katsina state. The recent development has shown that nobody is safe in Katsina state. Bandits now go about killing people at will without any fear consequences. The security agencies in Katsina seems to be overwhelmed by the level and sophistication of the criminality.

We at the blueinknews wish to call on all political leadership in the state to be alive to their responsibilities and save people they swore to protect. People of Katsina state look upon their leaders to protect their lives and property.

With the current situation if left unchecked Katsina state in the next few month will be a no-go area. The daring criminal bandits now attack at will. Kidnapping for ransom is the order of the day in Katsina state.

We at the blueinknews wish to call on Katsina state governor, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari to urgently convene a security summit to find ways of stopping this bloodshed. May Allah (SWT) continue to protect us all.



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