Home Investigation “Phanther” bandits new drug

“Phanther” bandits new drug


By Our Correspondent

Bandits operating in Katsina state have uncovered a new drug which they called “Phanther” as a new form of intoxicant and stimulant.

Our Correspondent who visited some of the areas occupied by the bandits uncovered that the new darling drug for the bandits is in a form of injection.

A source familiar with the day to day activities of the bandits alleged that the drug that sell N50 in an open Market is been sold to the bandits N500 per bottle.

He added that the bandits use to empty two bottles of the drug in a syringe before injecting them into their bodies.

The source alleged ” they use to inject ten bottles of the drug in their bodies each day. Those without money managed three bottles”.

He further disclosed that when ever they take this drug they fear nobody and can take any risk.



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