Home Editorial GOODBYE 2020, WELCOME 2021



The outgoing year 2020 has been an eventful year for Nigeria and the world at Large.

For Nigeria the year 2020 started on a bad note with the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak of the dreaded pandemic forced schools, public and private enterprises to close.

People’s movement were restricted during the height of the pandemic. This led to the collapsed of many businesses. It is a year that we witnessed mysterious death of some senior citizens.

For the first time in the history Nigeria places of religious worship were closed. It was also on record that in the recent past year 2020 was the first time Muslims Umra and annual Hajj rites were suspended.

Year 2020 put the world’s economy in shambles. Many nations are yet to recover from the shock of the dreaded pandemic

In Nigeria the issue of insecurity occupy the public arena. The Zabarmari massacre is till fresh in our minds. The year witnessed increase murderous activities of the dare devil bandits. The banditry had led to mass killings, destruction of property and economic dislocation.

The abduction of 344,students of Government Science Secondary School Kankara also occured within the year. Happily the abducted students were rescued without any damage.

As we enter the year 2021 we sincerely hope all the nagative things we witnessed in 2020 will never be repeated.

It is a year we pray Allah ( SWT) will bring peace and prosperity in our country. We also pray leaders will be alive to their responsibilities.

Goodbye our beloved 2020 as we welcome our darling 2021.



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