To any keen observer of recent developments in the country one may be right to conclude that we are in a situation of chaos and lawlessness.

Since the attainment of Independence in the 1960 we build our political and socio-economic policies and programmes based on mutual suspicion. Any policy or programme no matter how laudable it is will be given ethnic, sectional or religious coloration.

With this mind set blueinknews conclude that it will be difficult to build national cohesion to confront any challenge facing the nation.

Thugs and ethnic champions were unfortunately allowed to gain prominence and shamelessly hailed as patriotic freedom fighters.

The wanton killings and destruction of property has clearly shown that internal security has collapsed. This encourage overzealous groups and individuals to seek for self help. Self help will do no good to the nation it will only hasten our match to destruction.

When an elected governor threatened to eject a particular ethnic group from a space they are constitutionally occupying, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that governance has degenerated in Nigeria. Leaders think and act like thugs.

Blueinknews news strongly believe that now is the time to sit down and talk to address some of the fundamental challenges facing the nation.

Allowing things to continue the way they are now could spell doom for the nation. With the way things are going 2023 may be a watershed in deciding the future of Nigeria as a United country.

Blueinknews therefore call on people of wisdom to quickly act and salvage the country.



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