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Larry King:Life and times of a legend


Larry King has been announced dead today 23rd of January 2021, the TV legend was no doubt the first to reckon with when it comes to broadcasting. His real name is Lawrence Harvey Zerger and he was born on 19th November 1933 and died today at the age of 87 years old.

Before his death, he had worked with many celebrities and has interviewed many legends, including Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, DJ Khaled, and many other celebrities. His show Larry King show was no doubt the biggest TV show in the world, and many celebrities always looked forward to attending the show, because it always gives them more popularity.

Although he’s considered a Legend in his game, he also had some controversial issues surrounding him, he started broadcasting in the year 1957 as a Disk Jokky and he worked from 9:am to noon.

Among the controversies surrounding him was the issues of his women, Larry King married 7 wives before he died, although he divorced them all.

His first wife was Freda Miller which he married from the year 1952-1953 before he later married Anneta Kaye in 1961, she stayed with him for 1 year, then he went on to marry Alene Akins in the year 1961-1963.

In the year 1964, he married Micky Sutphins and he divorced her in the year 1967 and he went on to marry Alene Akins again in the year 1968-1971.

He married Sharon Lepore in the year 1976 and divorced in the year 1983, and married Julie Alexandre in 1989-1992. His last wife was Shawn Southwick which he married in the year 1997 and divorced in the year 2019. She was his longest wife that he had ever married before he died.



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