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Bandits kidnap 17 women in Faskari


By Our Correspondent

Reports from Faskari local government area of Katsina state disclosed that 17 women were kidnapped by dare devil bandits.

A source from the area further disclosed that the women were intercepted yesterday on their way to a wedding ceremony.

“The incident happened when the women were on their way from Unguwar Rimi Village to Garin Maigora town to attend a wedding ceremony” he added.

He stressed that all the women were carrying babies as at the time they were abducted.

The source revealed that one woman and her baby were released by the bandits due to the ill health of the baby.
A resident of the area further disclosed that the security situation in the area had deteriorated.

He added that all the villages in the western part of Faskari town were deserted due to the activities of the bandits, adding that it is only Bilbis town that remains

He noted that if action were not the taken in the next few weeks Faskari town will also be vulnerable.



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