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Sasha crisis: Arewa youths want perpetrators call to order


By Our Correspondent

The Arewa Youth Development Association (AYDA) has described what happened in Sasha Ibadan Oyo state as a way of portraying the Image of Nigeria in a bad shape in the eyes of the world.

This was contained in a statement by the national president of the association Comrade Imrana Nass (shugaban Talakawa)

He stressed “What happened is unfortunate because it may lead to a serious division among all parts of the country not even between the North and western part of Nigeria”.

He noted that the Ibadan issue has cause alot of problems between the citizens of the country as some Governors resorted to giving northeners time to vacate their states.

“We have a reports that most of the affected People who are living in a places like sasha Ibadan in Oyo state were back home in the north, especially Sokoto state where the Governor himself well come the Sokoto indegenes from Ibadan” he said.

He added that such People are traders that are boosting the economy of places like sasha Ibadan and by extension the state in general, because according to him they are paying revenue to the government, even the school fees,transportation, rents and all forms of buying and selling that is geared toward the boosting of economic activities of the state.

Mass argued that npo single state in the north is even trying to tell those from some part of west and southern parts to vacate which is not good for the country.

“Dont hide under the trying time that Nigeria is in especially the issue of herders and kidnappers to maltreat a tribe or people from other part of the country” Nass stated.

He noted “Before the world is thinking is between herders, fulani and the Yoruba lands but it comes cleared that is just a tribalism,sectional differences that some want to bring into the country for their own selfish interest”. 

That waa why according to him their association as a non governmental organization is saying no to an ideology that can lead to divide the country 

“And equally saying and Propageting that staying together Nigeria as one country is the only option for the benefit of all”.

The president called on the federal and state Governments to as matter of urgency take all the necessary majors to tackle and bring the end to the issue.

“That AYDA as an association trying to help Nigerians towards development, we are calling on President Muhammadu Buhari as a number one citizen of this country to call any leader to order at what ever capacity the person he is”.

Mass said those issuing evacuation notice should know that they go against the constitutional provision,adding that “its cleared that what they are doing is going against the constitutional provision”.

“Because Its spells out in the constitution that every citizen have right to live any where his or her own choice to do all lawful business, so where those giving a notice to Nigerians got their own?”

“Some are using herders or people from the north to cause confusion in the country forgoetting that their own people are every where in Nigeria”.



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