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200 ophans benefits from Riyadul Salihin food assistance in Funtua


200 ophans benefits Riyadul Salihin in Funtua food assistance

From Hussaini Yero, Funtua

Orphans Support Center, under the Riyadu Salihin Mosque has assisted 200 orphans with food and material in Funtua Local Government Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKatsina State.

The leader of the Center, Malam Yusif Lawandi Sarkin Kara Funtua, said this is the sixth time that the Center has provided food aid to orphans under the auspices of Riyadh Salihin Mosque in Bakori Road Funtua local government

This year 200 Orphans, will benefit from this grant which includes Fast Food, Sugar and other Material for men Women.

The guest of honor, Khalifa Ali Saidu Alti Funtua, explained the importance of feeding of orphans, especially during this month’s of Ramadan.

According to Khalifa Ali Saidu, the Holy Qur’an, Allah emphasizes the blessings of helping orphans and the loss and loss of the rightful owners without permission or condition.

Khalifa Ali called on all human beings to learn from Riyadh Salihin in supporting orphans.

As one of the beneficiaries, Zainabu Shuaib expressed her gratitude to the Riyadh Salihin Center which annually distributesfood items and commodities to orphans .I am grateful to RihaduSalihina for the grant. to support orphans.



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