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I’m highly impressed with KAM Holding facilities— DG SON


By Our Correspondent

Standard Organisation of Nigeria, (SON) on Monday commended the heavy investments of the Group Managing Director of KAM Holding Ltd, Dr. Kamoru Yusuf, thereby impacting positively on the lives of numerous Nigerians and expatriates.

SON Director General of Mallam Salim Farooq, gave the commendation during a tour of KAM Holding facilities in Ilorin and Jimba-Oja respectively in Kwara State.

He also lauded KAM Holding Ltd for playing pivotal roles in the Iron and Steel manufacturing business and setting the pace for others to emulate in line with the guidelines of SON as well as that of other regulatory agencies.

“I am highly impressed with what I saw at I never expected that such a huge investment is here in Nigeria. I never thought that there is a Nigeria somewhere doing these kind of great things. I am proud of Dr. Kamoru Yusuf. Please keep the good and wonderful work up”, he added.

I’m highly impressed by KAM CEO, Kamoru Yusuf’s industrial drives– Mallam Salim Farooq
He said the federal government is planning to re- introduce the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in the nation’s ports to effectively check the influx of substandard products into the country.

The DG lamented that chasing substandard products all over the country rather than waiting for them at the ports and border stations has been challenging to the regulators.

This is just as the chairman of KAM Holdings, a leading steel manufacturing company, in Ilorin, Kwara State, Dr. Kamoru Yusuf, made a case for the reintroduction of pre-shipment inspection of goods at the nation’s ports to check the proliferation of arms, substandard products and loss of revenue in the country.

The SON boss said that “It is important to note that non-involvement of SON at some ports in the country’s operations has continued to pose challenges particularly to the agency’s compliance and monitoring units.”

Salim, who said that it is only in Nigeria that the nation’s standard organisation’s directorate is not at the ports to authenticate goods brought into the country, added that “This is counter-productive to the economy of the nation.

“It is easier to fight the influx of substandard products at the points of entry than chasing them around all over the country in markets and warehouses, among others,” he added.



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