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Governor Masari harps on the need for patriotic media.


By Our Correspondent

As Muslims across the world celebrate the Eid el Fitr, which pulls the curtains on the blessed Month of Ramadan, Governor Aminu Bello Masari of Katsina State has urged the media in the country to be more circumspect in the discharge of its responsibility.

He said given the dire security challenges confronting the nation, there is need for the media to be more focused, patriotic and circumspect in the way and manner it discharges its responsibilities.

The Governor also urged Nigerians to remain vigilant and oppose any agitations which aim to Balkanize the country into hostile entities, saying nobody’s interest will a broken Nigeria serve.

While congratulating the global Muslim community for successfully completing one of the five pillars of Islam, he called on Muslims and their fellow compatriots in other faiths to always put Nigeria first in their thoughts, actions and utterances, and shun anything that endangers the corporate existence of Nigeria as a United entity.

The Governor is particularly concerned about the role of the media, which he said is very critical to the survival of Nigeria as a united entity.

He observed that given it’s important position as the Fourth Estate of the Realm, the media owe the nation a duty to perpetually remain at the vanguard of the agitation for national cohesion, regardless of the none-state interests that may be trampled in the course of doing so.

Governor Masari said now was the time for the media to jealously guard it’s platform from abuse by actors who do not mean well for Nigeria, adding that at no time is the need for a government friendly media as acute as the present time, when security challenges are threatening to overwhelm the capacity of the nation.

The Katsina State Governor further observed that having come this far as a very resilient people united with a common destiny, we must not allow a few greedy and unpatriotic compatriots and their foreign collaborators to render our collective efforts at nation building to go to pieces.

The media, more than any other institution in the country, has a pivotal role to play in mitigating the pervasive atmosphere of fear, which is caused by the activities of varied criminal groups ranging from insurgents, bandits, kidnapers, rapists and armed robbers terrorising almost every part of the country daily



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