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Secession: IPOB is a terrorists organization, no nation can condone it- Sokoto NBA Chair


By Our Correspondent

The Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association ( NBA), Sokoto State Chapter, Barrister Muhammad Aliyu Sambo says what the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB),is currently doing in the name of secession is a terrorist act that cannot be condoned by any country of the world .

Sambo,who was speaking to Newsmen in Sokoto on Monday to mark his one year Anniversary said that, what the association is doing is not a formal way of separating from a Federated State .

He said:” Attacking security forces, burning government structures , police stations and other installations , as well as attacking people opposed to their views, is clearly a terrorist act.”

According to him, secession is not provided for by the Nigerian Constitution as it always challenges the unity of the state .

Sambo added:” The Constitution does not stop a unit from separating in a Federation, but not by secession . It is not done by waging a war or perpetrating violence .

” When there is an agreement to separate which is backed by a referendum, then a state can leave . ” For example the Republic of Ireland was formerly part of the United Kingdom before it separated , as well as Southern Sudan and Sudan.”

Sambo said that, the proper way to do it is by taking the issue to the National Assembly , saying,” they have members through whom they can voice out their opinions.

” They can voice out their opinions that they want to separate , then they can go by way of a referendum and not by waging a war.”

On Constitutional amendments, Sambo averred that, no Constitution is perfect,including that of the United States of America ( USA).

” You are bound to face some issues needing regulations . The Constitution itself has provided for its mode of amending it. It’s not a new thing, ” the Sokoto NBA Chairman, added.

He reeled out some of the achievements of their one year in office to include the continuation of some inherited developmental projects at the State NBA Secretariat like the ultra modern Gymnasium which he promised to complete before the end of their two-year tenure .

Similarly, Sambo happily recalled that, they had successfully conducted the 2021 Law Week , while the 2022 Edition would also be held, God willing.

Another sterling achievement , he explained, was the financial assistance offered to the young members during the recent JUSUN strike, hence alleviating some of their problems.

Sambo disclosed that, ” henceforth, we intend to be on alert, to guard the future unforeseen circumstances, and will set up a special fund for such eventualities .

” This will aid our members during rainy days and other unfortunate and unforseen circumstances like the recent JUSUN strike .”

Sambo said that, one of the foremost challenges facing the association is the lack of adequate funds , as it heavily relies on annual dues and money generated from renting of the events center withinthesecretariat.

He explained that, the money accruing to the association from the payment of it’s nearly three hundred members , as well as from services rendered at the events was largely inadequate.

Sambo who lamented the challenges of unity among the members , vowed to do everything humanly possible to solidify the unity of the members .

” We want to strengthen the the unity of members, to make the members more united , then we can collectively face our challenges and be able to address them .”



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