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Where is Senator Abu Ibrahim?


By Lawal Sa’idu Funtua

As political intrigues and manoeuvers begin to take center stage towards the 2023 general elections in Katsina state one is compelled to ask, where is Senator Abu Ibrahim? Considering his unique place as a political juggernut and opinion leader many people are keenly interested to know where he belong in the current political arrangements in Katsina state,? Love him or hate him, Senator Abu Ibrahim is a master in the art of politics.

The senator is not a far from being a novice on the chessboard of politics, he has represented the Southern Katsina Senatorial district in no less capacity than a Senate four good times. He has fought and won many political battles against his sworn enemies. He once contested as a gubernatorial candidate of the All Nigerian Peoples Party, ANPP in Katsina State in the 2007 elections. In 2015 he joined the Senatorial race again where he was re-elected as senator representing Funtua zone under the APC.

He did not contest the 2019 elections but his hands were visible in ensuring the success of the APC during the election. The political Maverick is a man with many colors whose political mind, steps and strategies are hard to predict, and that is exactly where he stands out. He is known to operate in the shadows from where he presses the buttons and only manifest when his goal is assured. He is a man who has survived many political gang ups.

Senator Abu Ibrahim is a master political strategists in the mould of Wada Nas and Shehu ‘Yar’adua all of blessed memory. His network of political contacts transcends the north. Apart from being a strong political ally of the Jagaban, Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu, Senator Abu Ibrahim commands respect among politicians and indeed statesmen across the country.

One of his greatest political assets is his ability to keep and guard his political family. His political family and structures continue to flourish even when he is not in power. What remains a wonder is how he services his generals and his pawns and keep them faithfully loyal even when he is out of political office.

As events begin to unfold in the Katsina APC towards the 2023 elections many believe they can already see his invisible hands at work. Despite the fact that there is an elected senator from the Funtua Senatorial zone politicians and the electorate from the zone look up to Abu Ibrahim for direction. As the incumbent Senator of the zone remains invisible most people in the very populous zone still assume that senator Abu Ibrahim is still the lawmaker representing them.

While Senator Abu Ibrahim may seem away from the scene at the moment, his presence is very much felt and who could tell! it could just be a matter of time when he would come out at a well calculated time and take centre stage once again.



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