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Breaking: The Taliban took over Afghanistan Presidential Palace


It’s game over for Afghanistan as the Taliban declare that they have taken over the presidential palace, few hours after the president has fled the country. In the last few weeks, the Taliban capture almost 30 out of 34 provincial capitals.

The Afghan security forces have shown little apatite to defend the country and in most cases, they simply surrender or ran away leaving a cache of weapons. When they reach Kabul they promised not to attack the capital rather they opt for negotiations.

The president saw that he was overwhelmed he escaped the country earlier today leaving the palace which is now occupied. Taliban spokesperson declared victory and assure the country that there won’t be retaliation for government workers of those who worked with American forces.

The US and its western allies are still trying to frantically rescue its embassy personnel from the country. The intelligence didn’t anticipate that the fall of Afghan would come this quick.



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