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Insecurity: An Open Letter to Governor Masari


Insecurity: An Open Letter to Governor Masari

By Lawal Sa’idu Funtua

Dear Sir, let me begin my letter by wishing you success in the remaining part of your tenure as the governor of Katsina State. Katsina State known for its accomodation, peace and security has turned into a theatre of choas and senseless killings.

Your Excellency, you recently raised an alarm that no fewer than ten out of the 34 local government areas of the state face daily attacks by bandits. Before now you have severally initiated some far reaching measures all in an attempt to secure the state. Some of these measures if I may recall include among others initiating series of stakeholders meetings on security, purchasing logistics that include vehicles to ease surveillance for various security agencies in the state and engaging the dare devil bandits in a dialogue that eventually collapsed. But despite these measures the security situation in the state has continued to worsen.

This clearly shows that there are operational and structural defects in all the approaches. Security, according to experts, goes beyond the use of naked force. Compromised intelligence cannot provide enough information on the security situation.

Understandably and out of frustration, your Excellency, you called on people to take up arms to depend themselves. Well for the meantime and from the pheri-pheri it seems to be the only option but not the only option. Your Excellency I read and heard people who have no any knowledge on security and Islamic jurisprudence justifying your statement.

Your Excellency to me who has a little knowledge on security and constitutionality I don’t think your call to arms will do anything good in salvaging the situation. Firstly the Constitution of the land has bestowed on leaders the obligation to protect people’s lives and property. Similarly your Excellency it is only the government that has the Monopoly of the use of violence. The moment the government loses control over the Monopoly of use of violence then be rest assured that the society is gradually drifting towards anarchy. Some none state actors may use the opportunity to solidify their evil plot of destabilizing the government.

Sir we are approaching the crucial 2023 elections, going by your call for people to arm themselves I doubt it if many office seekers and the valuable voters will be alive to witness it. Sir their are numerous adversaries prowling around and only waiting for such opportunities to strike. Your Excellency people with arms and guns moving freely may even make your stay in the secure comfort of the government house threatened. The recent success of gun wielding Taliban in taking over power in Afghanistan in a lesson to us. Similar scenarios in our recent history unfolded in Somalia, Liberia and other troubled African countries.

Sir with your recent frustration call to question the justification of spending huge sums of money on security issues. Your Excellency we constitutionally know that you have to control over the the federal government security agencies. Constitutions are man made and therefore subject to review. Your Excellency your frustration and call to arms has attracted sympathy from various socio-cultural groups across the country. This show of support over your postulation on the “people’s carry arms theory” provided a window for state governments and other concern groups to push for a constitutions review to empower the states to have their security apparatus. Your Excellency if constitutionality and legality are not used to close the gap some evil minded persons will surely in the long run move in to fill the vacuum.

Your Excellency you recently established a security initiative involving vigilante groups. This initiative is more comfortable and legal that the ,”people’s take up arms theory”. Our society is full of frustrated element waiting for an opportunity to vent their anger on any perceived enemy. There gun is possession of frustrated and aggrieved element is both dangerous and counterproductive.

Your Excellency widen your network of getting information on the security situation in the state. Sychopants and bootlickers will not always provide you with the right information. Be rest assured your Excellency that the same persons praising your initiatives will be the same shameless people’s the will condemned and disassociate themselves from it after leaving. In fact they will even add lies to perceived mistakes made.

Your Excellency, time is not on our side and the war is coming closer by the day. People especially from the Funtua Senatorial zone have started relocating to Kano and other states due to the insecure nature of the area.

Most importantly, our Excellency, remember that it is you that Allah (SWT) will question about all that happened. And remember He will ask not because He doesn’t know, He will ask to serve as ‘Hujja” on you. Remember on that day everybody will be on his own, sychopants and bootlickers will desert you, even after office, let alone on that day. Those quoting religious scripts to justify your actions whether right or wrong will desert you on that day.

Your Excellency I wish you success in your frantic efforts to secure Katsina State and its people. On a final note, I would advise you to create a alternative channels of getting feedback on whatever policy or action your government takes.

Lawal Saidu Funtua



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