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FG neglect Harders In NEDC’s Mandate- KACRAN


FG Forgot Harders In NEDC’s Mandate- KACRAN

By Muhammad Maitela, Damaturu

The Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) decry on how Northeast Development Commission (NEDC) forgot their presence in it’s mandatory as if there is any developmental commission recently established by the Federal Government with good intention and well-funded with billions of naira with the strong believe that the commission will live up to expectation or even beyond by fully incorporating or including all the people of the region regardless of their tribe, religion, occupation, socialization, political inclination etc, is that of North East Development Commission which was highly applauded and orchestrated by all people of the said devastated geopolitical zone.

In a statement issued by the National Presdent, Hon. Khalil Mohammed Bello on Friday in Damaturu, Yobe state capital and saying that, if you could vividly recall the North East Development Commission was created by the center with the hope that it will concentrate with rehabilitation, reconstruction and general empowerment of the entire people of the area under reference without been self-centered or bias by giving more attention and concern to cities in its implementation of its policies and programs if any because up to now we are yet to see any reasonable project executed by the commission in the name of developing the North East.

“In addition, for the commission to function easily, most of the high ranking executive members of the commission if not all were appointed from the region which we thought was done by federal government to help them towards easy identification of most of the important occupations of the people in the region as those whom were thought to know the terrain of the area and its in habitants.”

“But sadly and painfully the members of the commission were neither mindful of the type of occupation run by the people of the North East nor ready to thoroughly and holistically assess the types of loses incurred by the people a s the result of the activities of insurgent in the region.”

Hon. Bello Said, “Yes!, this is the stand of the commission because it had been there are careful to know all these mentioned above they will easily understand that pastoral occupation is one of the most important occupation run by the people of the region. Even before the colonial era up to date.”

“The commission didn’t care to know that, North East is the major supplier of livestock to other geopolitical zones of the country.”

“At this juncture let us hurriedly state that, the reason behind issuance of this press statement on behalf of our members (North East herders) who are the most endangered species in the region who heavily suffered more loses as a result of the activaties of Boko Haram and insurgent due to the nature of their pastoral occupation which can only be practiced in the forest or most remoted area were the Boko Haram live permanently.”

He said, to their last year’s complain that Northeast Development Commission sidelined or totally excluded herders among the beneficiaries of its programme which were centred in the cities such as Maiduguri metropolitan council where they will easily or cheaply attract exaggerated coverage at the refugees camps to deceived the people of Abuja that the commission is performing excellently, after all there is nothing on ground to see that would be seeing and compared to the billions of naira collected by the commission in the name of developing the highly devastated region.

Similarly, they issued this press release because they were highly shocked and disgusted by hearing over the media that Northeast Development Commission has held a meeting last week who they wrongly and myopically presumed to be their stakeholders with total exclusion of any herders association which beyond doubt proved to us that the commission didn’t meant good to the Northeast pastoralists.

Adding that, “We also wondered why the commission held this segregated herders based on their whimsical though that we are bushmen or villagers who are not fit to be among the beneficiaries of their policies and programs.”

“In view of the aforementioned very sad and highly pitiable, negative perception of pastoralists and their pastoral occupation by Northeast Development Commission we member of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN) optimistically believe that the Federal Government is responsible for the Northeast Development Commissions none inclusion of livestock sector in their mandate due to the following fact or undeniable reasons:
Probably the Federal Government when drawing the mandate of the commission it didn’t clearly in an mistakable terms stated that all victims of Boko Haram and insurgency activities must be included, assisted and empowered by the commission.” He said.

Saying that, the Federal Government is not aware that only God knows how many pastoralists were buried in the Northeast soil due to the activities of the said terrorist group which the commission disdainfully overlooked or not care to know. Adds that, the federal Government is not ready to critically assess the performance if any and the beneficiaries of the commission’s activities to know if all the actual stakeholders are included or not.

Hon. Mohammed Bello insists that, “We want to make it abundantly clear to Northeast Development Commission that it is due to the importance of pastoral occupation in the region, that there are several herders association such as KACRAN, MACBAN, ALHAYA, TABITAL PULAAKU, GABDAN etc. and if this is so, how will the commission spend people’s money to organize meeting in Maiduguri which was covered by international and national media both print an electronic without inviting even one of the above named great herders associations.”

“Is the Northeast Development Commission means that no matter how heavily we lost hundred of thousands of livestock or being entirely ruined to the negative activities of the Boko Haram which led to the establishment of the commission, but for the only reason that, we are herders who live in the bushes due to the sympathetic nature of our occupation of providing nutritional food to the people of our great nation we will never be included among the beneficiaries of its policy formulation and implementation?”

Furthermore, he said they wonder if at all the federal government and the commission knows how many herders were killed and their animals were forcefully rustled by Boko Haram.

In conclusion, we compassionately call on the federal government to direct the Northeast Development Commission to be consider the entire herders of the region.



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