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Constitution Review: Traditional Rulers Will Play Mediation role


By Muhammad Maitela, Damaturu

The Emir of Potiskum, Alhaji Umaru Bubaram Ibn Wurwa Bauya on Thursday said that when the constitution recognize the traditional institution their role as it has been would be of mediation and maintenance of cultural heritage in their dormant.

The royal further was speaking on the role of traditional rulers in the constitution and if given the recognition by legislative to play a part in molding the society. Adding that the role that government should assigned to them should be that of mediation so as to clean up the society of its current state.

Alhaji Bubaram said, this is because it tells about history, ‘the culture of the people is part and parcel of society heritage or history. Beside that there is need to assigned role of mediation, because it is very important to mediate among civil society in order to promote peace and stability.

“Reason i am saying this, is that when the traditional ruler mediate between individuals or group in their functions there are always a kind of satisfaction from the people, therefore,. traditional should be given the role of mediation ‘ Sulhu’ in hausa it will be more welcome among the civil society and will open doors for peaceful coexistence amongst people in the society.

The Emir also sighted the case for distribution of heritage, stating that when one goes to court especially when there are religious differences for example between Christian and Muslim it is difficult for a judge of area court to mediate the sharing of family asset but the traditional ruler being the custodian of the people can easily sort out such issues in the most amicable manner.



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