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Kidnap of emir of Bungudu and issues surrounding it


By Our Special Correspondent

The Emir of Bungudu in Zamfara state, Alhaji Hassan Attahiru was kidnapped last Wednesday while on his way to Abuja, shortly after he passed Kaduna in an operation that seemed to have targetted the first class emir alone.

The mystry surrounding the kidnap is however the reason behind an indept investigation into the matter, moreso that the state governor has severally alleged and even facilitated the arrest of security personnel among others as having their hands smeared in armed banditry, kidnapping and other crimes being perpetrated in his state and with recent warning coming from the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshall Oladayo Amao on security personnel to stear clear of any involvement in security breach as the consequences will not be good.

It was creditably gathered that the reverred emir who always travelled in a motorcade of between three and five cars was fully prepared to undertake his trip on the fateful day in his usual way when an unofficial call came to him from the Government House changing the travel arrangement.

An impeccable source confirmed that one of the governor’s top security aides put up the call and told the emir to drop all his vehicles as he had made an alternative arrangement from the seat of power and that a vehicle will come and pick him.

With the information coming from a senior security officer under the governor therefore, the emir waited and was later told that a Hilux Toyota vehicle which was also confirmed to have been on one of the governor’s wive’s fleet had come to convey him to Abuja.

Although no one could really confirm that the emir was followed from his take-off point, a big question is hanging on why his motorcade was abruptly and unofficially changed, why should a securityman exercise such powers on an emir, why will one be made to feel there’s a missing link and most importantly why was the kidnap operation carried on only the emir at a time when even traffic on the other lane of the road moved freely.

However the findings revealed that the wrong directives came from one of the governor’s senior security officers, possibly without the consent of his principal and caused the death of one police officer and the lost of two Ak-47 to the bandits will most likely put the life of the governor who has been fighting the bandits in danger.

These issues and perhaps more others should be fully investigated especially when the emir, as we pray, regains his freedom.



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